Okay, so the title might be pushing it a bit…but you can swing a sword and they’re shiny…so? Anyway, I’m insanely excited for both of these books. So much so that I literally cannot decide which one I want to read more. And amazingly the King Arthur re-imagining is going to be a NETFLIX show?! Ahhh! I can’t wait!

lost and found
A story about a boy who can find lost things.

It’s a re-imagined King Arthur story about the Lady of the Lake. Need I say more?

Do either of these NetGalley books tempt you to request? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Lost Things and Shiny Swings; Recent NetGalley Requests

  1. I love Arthur stories but I’m a bit tired of the same retellings over and over. I love The Mists of Avalon that will always be a perfect Arthur tale for me, I’ve been meaning to reread it for ages but I have too many books on my tbr. Though I am currently reading a book set in Celtic Britain called Skin by Ilka Tampke

    1. That’s fair. I feel the same way about WWII stories. There’s just so many of them that I get sick of them incredibly easily.

      This one really got me though, as far as Arthur goes cause it involves a Netflix show.

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