quarantineI’ll admit that a small part of me does actually want to read Quarantine by Katie Cicatelli-Kuc. It might be a theme that I’ve seen before and it might be a cheesy way to foster a teen romance, but there’s something quite fun about the idea of two teens falling in love because they were stuck together somewhere, in this case, quarantined for 30 days. Of course, this plot is always a lot more fun when it’s a pair who have some sort of hate relationship for whatever reason, but I don’t think that will be the situation in this particular story. And honestly, while I do find that a part of me would love to read this story, I’m not particularly invested in it entirely. If the quarantine and the love story are really all there is to it, the novel doesn’t really seem as though it would be entirely worth reading for me. I simply need something more to the books I read.

Oliver wants a girlfriend, and there’s a girl back home who might be interested in him. The problem is, he has to spend his spring break on a volunteer trip in the Dominican Republic. Flora, on the other hand, isn’t really looking for a boyfriend. She just wants to end a miserable spring break visiting her dad and her new stepmom in the D.R.
The solution to both their problems? Get back home to New York ASAP. Sadly, they won’t be getting there anytime soon.
Their hopes are dashed when Flora’s impulsiveness lands them in quarantine — just the two of them. Now, the two teens must come together in order to survive life in a bubble for 30 days. In that time, love will bloom. But is it the real thing, or just a placebo effect?
In her debut novel, Katie Cicatelli-Kuc delivers an introspective and witty story about finding love in the most unexpected place.

How do you feel about Quarantine? Is this a book you think you’ll enjoy reading? Is it one you’d rather avoid? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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