someday we will flyI have to admit, I’m not all that interested in reading Someday We Will Fly by Rachel DeWoskin. I’ve gotten to a point where I genuinely feel as though there are far too many World War II novels out there in the world and after a while they all either begin to blend together or the plots sound so similar to ones you’ve read before that they just end up seeming so uninteresting. And really, it’s not that Someday We Will Fly is going to be dull or that it’s plot is so similar to all the others that I don’t think it’s worth reading but rather that I’m genuinely tired of all the WWII novels and don’t want to read any more of them. Unfortunately, that means novels like this one–a book that looks to include a bit of diversity, which is always a nice thing–are going to be passed over by me.

But I want all of you to at least check it out. Whereas I’ve decided preemptively that this book really isn’t for me, I feel like there’s still an opportunity for this book to be worthwhile for someone else to read. Following the life of a Jewish family, a father and his two daughters, who escape to Shanghai from Poland as they struggle to make it in the world, young Lillia is left to help raise her little sister alongside getting a job at a gentleman’s club in order to provide money for her family.

So, if this sounds like a book you might be interested in, definitely take some time to check it out. Maybe add it to your TBR. If you’ve read it already, drop a comment below and let us know what you thought of the book!

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