31822511Okay, I honestly cannot with the absolute ridiculousness of the plot for Sorry Not Sorry by Jaime Reed. There are a lot of things here that I just don’t like and add in the fact that the likeliness of this is utterly unrealistic and I’m left just kind of rolling my eyes? I feel like there would be a lot more of that if I were to bother wasting my time on a novel like this one. And I have to start this post by saying this very simply; the idea of a novel that is promoting this idea of giving away a kidney and struggling with this decision because they’re no longer friends with the person but the only matching donor in the state is not one that sits well with me. Giving away your own kidney is a very serious decision for a person to make. You go through incredibly invasive surgery to do so, giving a piece of yourself to another person. It’s not a light decision and to muddle that up in a book like this isn’t something I feel comfortable or okay with.

The big plot of Sorry Not Sorry is that the two girls were friends and are now rivals. But suddenly one of them ends up needing a kidney and despite their lack of continued friendship the other decides to volunteer as a donor. But then, suddenly the fact that she is the only match in the state seems to make her want to reconsider and she struggles with the decision of actually giving her ex-friend a kidney at all or realizing that by not doing so she would basically–I guess?–be signing the other girl’s death certificate. I do not like it. Not one little bit. And there’s some commentary about race that I’m not fully understanding from the synopsis, but the phrase “defies the risks of racially mixed transplants” is used, which also makes me uncomfortable.

I won’t be adding this novel to my TBR, but feel free to let me know your thoughts about this book in the comments! Are you going to read it? Avoid it?

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