tell me everythingFrom the synopsis Tell Me Everything by Sarah Enni is a story that I appreciate, one about kindness and dealing with the anxiety of the spotlight when life throws you into it. And while I do like the idea, I don’t really think this is something that I care to read myself. However, after looking at some of the reviews and unfortunately stumbling across a spoiler, I feel a little uncomfortable with the premise and now am even less inclined to read the book. Not to give anything away for those who may want to read this book without a spoiler, here’s what you need to know: via an art sharing app, shy introvert Ivy believes she is able to determine the identities of some of the artists who are posting their projects online. When she sees that they are without some things that they want or need, she goes out of her way to make sure that they get them. But this is a dangerous thing, assuming you know someone based on an online identity and the truth is that not every single person on there is the right person nor do they always conform to her conclusions.

And so the big thing to understand about this novel is that the misunderstandings culminated from Ivy’s assumptions about the art that has been posted on the app lead to her making a ginormous mistake that in no possible way could end well. I couldn’t tell how the book will end after that mistake, but I assume there will be some sort of resolution that makes everything all better, if not okay. And honestly, if you’d like to know the spoiler feel free to highlight the black bars at the end of this post. Other than that, I can say this book isn’t for me.

What do you think thus far? Is this a book for you? Will you avoid it? Let me know in the comments!

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Basically, Ivy ends up throwing a coming out party for her best friend, Harold, who happens to be in love with her and it’s just a giant mess of inconsiderate actions disguised as well-meaning. And I just can’t believe the audacity of someone thinking they have the right to throw a coming out party for someone without first asking them.

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