drop dead gorgeousI’m not gonna lie, I totally had no idea that R. L. Stine was still writing books. I thought for sure that this series had ended a long, long time ago. And yet, here we are with a new book releasing this year! Drop Dead Gorgeous by R. L. Stine looks like a book from the 90s. From the cover art, to the text used, to the fact that his name is still written in the same exact font as it always has been, all I see when I see this book is the same R. L. Stine books that sat on the library in my school for as long as I could ever remember. I’m honestly blown away by the fact that this book came out in February 2019. Somehow it just seems like something that couldn’t happen. It’s almost like a book from the past traveled to the future.

With all that said, this book is not on my TBR. I never liked R. L. Stine’s novels, never cared for horror and thriller type novels. I still don’t. To date, I’m pretty sure I only ever read three of his books and that was only because they were in a 3-for-1 and because it was a book my sister had bought at a time when I’d read all of the books I owned and wanted something new. And I didn’t like a second of it. So, while I definitely did find the movie that came out a few years ago rather fun to watch, I have no interest in reading any of the new books. But, I’m sure many people who feel the nostalgia of these novels will love to.

What are your thoughts? Did you know that R. L. Stine was still writing novels? Are you going to add this to your TBR? Skip it? Let me know in the comments!

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