the 96 words for loveI’m pretty certain that I desperately need 96 Words for Love by Rachel Roy and Ava Dash. Not only is it a diverse book retelling an Indian legend, but it also sounds so amazing. Add in the really catching title, the intriguing cast of characters, and the story from the past and I’m pretty certain that this book is going to be fantastic. I’ve already seen a few reviews of this one floating around recently and that alone would have had me quite interested. I think that there’s a lot going for this book and every piece of it sounds thoroughly adorable. Frankly, I can’t get over how much I love the meaning of the title itself.

I can’t account for the whole book at the moment, but I have a feeling if you like cute YA romances as they fall alongside coming of age and finding out who you are, this is probably a great book for you. And, if those are the sort of books that you read but you haven’t really read much as far as diversity goes, then this is definitely a book you should pick up as soon as you get the chance.

Coming out this month, this is definitely a book to have on your radar and it’s 100% going onto my TBR. What are your thoughts on this book so far? Is it something you think you’ll be reading? Are you not as interested? Let me know in the comments!

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