the exaltedThe Exalted by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson is a sequel to a book that is on my TBR. I always hate when this happens because it’s a sign of the fact that I will likely never read all the books I want to read. And that’s just an unfortunate truth about the world. Time, unfortunately, is not long enough for me to accomplish such a goal. It’s a right shame. As for this book, I know I wasn’t overly excited to read its predecessor, however I did plan on it eventually. I imagine that this book might end up on my TBR, but it will probably be quite some time before I actually figure out if it will or not.

Since the founding of the Empire, Alskad has been ruled by the singleborn…but the new heir to the throne carries a secret that will change everything

When an assassin’s bullet takes the life of Queen Runa and allows an impostor to steal the throne, Bo Trousillion is forced to flee the empire that is his birthright. With few choices left and burdened with a secret that could disinherit him, Bo pursues an alliance with Noriava, the Queen of Denor, but the devious royal ensnares him in a trap and demands a huge price for her aid.

To the south, Vi Abernathy—Bo’s secret twin—joins a ragtag army of resistance fighters, determined to free Alskad and the colony of Ilor from the control of the corrupt temple and its leaders. But as Vi discovers a strength she never knew she had and prepares to rejoin her brother in Alskad, news of the coup and Bo’s narrow escape arrive in Ilor.

Determined to rescue Bo, Vi sails to Denor with the rebels at her side and a plan to outwit Queen Noriava, knowing there’s only one way she and Bo will be able to save the Alskad Empire—together

How do you feel about The Exalted? Is it a book you think you might be interested in reading? Nah? Do you often run into sequels for books on your TBR at all? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments! And happy reading!

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