So, there were barely any books to request over Memorial Day Weekend, which I suppose is a good thing since I was incredibly busy anyway. Plus, I can at least take comfort in the fact that it meant my list of books to review didn’t get any longer. And wonderfully, I didn’t make up for the lost requests by requesting far too many today. I have to admit, I really appreciate the “wish” feature on NetGalley for that since I know I can count on those books to be unlikely in the long run, even if I want them.

dog driven
I feel like there’s something of a masochistic tendency in the fact that I wished for this book since it mentions failing eyesight. One of my biggest fears and yet I can’t help wanting to read about it.

the stranger's guide to talliston
Whoever wrote the blurb for this book did a fantastic job selling it. An abandoned house with a labyrinth inside that protects the last magical places in the universe? How could I ever pass such a book up?

Now, I don’t usually care all that much about books that are centered around faeries. It’s not typically my thing and I am perfectly happy to avoid them. With that said, however, SparrowHawk looks like a massive amount of fun.

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