the universal laws of marcoNo, no, no, no, no. I do not want to read The Universal Laws of Marco by Carmen Rodrigues. But also, I really want to read The Universal Laws of Marco by Carmen Rodrigues. Okay, so 90% of me is trying to shy away from this book because I know it is one hundred percent a contemporary that probably won’t end up being as wonderful as it thus far sounds to me and the last book I picked up for this same reason turned out not so great? But, holy hell am I in love with all of those space references. And then, of course, there’s the plot that involves childhood best friends falling in love, which is a pretty common trope that I admit I am a bit of a sucker for. I think that all really began for me as a result of the Anastasia movie from my childhood, though I suppose it wasn’t exactly the same situation. All in all, I’m really excited to pick this book up and while I am somewhat worried about its execution, overall it does sound like something I would rather enjoy reading.

Told through the lens of a guy in love with the cosmos (and maybe two girls), The Universal Laws of Marco explores the complicated histories that bring us together and tear us apart.
In the summer before eighth grade, Marco Suarez kissed his best friend Sally Blake. This was his first spark.
And since then, whenever he’s thought about that moment, he’s traveled through a wormhole—of sorts—to relive those brief seconds when time sped up (or, rather, his view of time distorted) and he kissed her.
And then, at the end of that year, she disappeared, leaving in that way that people sometimes leave—alive and well and somewhere out there but gone, nonetheless. She never even said why.
And now in their senior year, Sally unexpectedly returns and Marco is shaken. Still, he holds tightly to his carefully choreographed life. A life that is full of reasons why first sparks don’t matter:
Reason 1: He has a girlfriend. Her name is Erika Richards.
Reason 2: He’s leaving on a full scholarship to college.
Reason 3: He’s busy with his friends and making money to help support his family.
But as Marco navigates the final days of high school, he learns that leaving home is never easy and a first spark is hard to ignore.

How do you feel about this book? Is it one that you think you’d like to read or a book you’d rather pass on? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below and happy reading, everyone!

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