through the white woodI don’t personally feel as though the synopsis does a great job of selling Through the White Wood by Jessica Leake to me. I mean, sure, it sounds intriguing enough. But I have a feeling that the book is going to be much better than it actually sounds. Granted, I could be entirely wrong, especially since it doesn’t appear to have very fantastic ratings on Goodreads. Still, there’s something off about the way the world in which characters have strange powers of fire and ice and earth is described here. It’s on my TBR now, so I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what I think later on.

Katya’s power to freeze anything she touches has made her an outcast in her isolated village. And when she loses control of her ability, accidentally killing several villagers, she is banished to the palace of the terrifying Prince Sasha in Kiev.
At the castle, though, she is surprised to find that Sasha is just like her—with his own strange talent, the ability to summon fire. Instead of punishment, Sasha offers Katya friendship, and the chance to embrace her power rather than fear it.
But outside the walls of Kiev, Sasha’s enemies have organized their own army of people who can control the very earth. Bent on taking over the entire world, they won’t stop until they’ve destroyed everything.
Katya and Sasha are desperate to stop the encroaching army, and together their powers are a fearsome weapon. But as their enemies draw nearer, leaving destruction in their wake, will fire and frost be enough to save the world? Or will they lose everything they hold dear?

And now it’s your turn! How do you feel about the synopsis for Through the White Wood? Does it make you want to add it to your TBR? Does it not really grab your interest? Do you think this book has the makings of a good story or nah? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear from you! Happy reading, everybody!

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