And I’m back with two more books from the NetGalley request vault! And they’re both incredibly fun sounding. From a cutesy romantic comedy to a very messed up drama. Join in if you think they sound like something you’d enjoy! Links below.

tweet cute
A viral twitter war and a romance. And Tweet Cute is the perfect friggin’ name!

the sin soldiers
These soldiers are controlled by chemicals the government forces them to take. How is that not something you immediately want to read?

Do either of these NetGalley books tempt you to request? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Tweet Cute & Chemical Soldiers; Recent NetGalley Requests

    1. I’m not sure about Sin Soldiers since I was approved for that one, but Tweet Cute I wished for. Honestly, in a weird way a wish is super similar to a request for me, so I include both in these posts, lol.

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