When the Light Went Out by Bridget Morrissey really isn’t my kind of book. First of all, it’s contemporary. Second, it involves grief and death which I hate to read about. Third, there’s apparently a potential murder mystery? Or at least something about the death that the main characters didn’t know before. Eh, I couldn’t really care about it.

when the light went out

Five years after the accidental shooting of Marley Bricket, her friends, who were there the day she died, reunite when a box of letters from Marley is found in her former home. The discovery leads them on a scavenger hunt that reopens old memories, wounds, and betrayals, and leads them to question what they thought they knew about Marley’s death.

Does When the Light Went Out sound like your kind of book? What do you think of the premise? How about the matches on the cover? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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One thought on “When the Light Went Out [Bridget Morrissey]; 2019 YA Releases

  1. The premise of this book sounds like something I’d really enjoy but it definitely depends on the execution. I don’t love books that deal heavily with grief but if it’s done right I don’t mind too terribly. I do like the cover! It makes me more interested in the story. I might have to check this out, nice post!

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