This will probably be the last time that my Coverly Love posts will be on Thursday since I”m switching them to Fridays, but I was too excited about this one to wait. IMG_0587This week’s Cover Appreciation Award goes to Neverland’s Library, an absolutely gorgeous piece of artwork that features a leafless tree in the center of a beautiful library.

The text is beautiful, the image itself is beautiful, and if I’m not mistaken those sparkling lights are meant to be fairies…is that Tinkerbell up there near the corner?

Neverland’s Library sis an anthology, a collection of stories from a number of different authors over the span of a great many years. All of the stories fall under the fantasty genre and while I do own a copy of this book, I actually have not finished it just yet. But regardless of all that, this book has one of the most lovely covers I’ve ever seen in my life and certainly deserves some recognition for that.

What are your thoughts?

Happy reading, everyone!

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