“…more like a world between worlds–an in-between sort of place.”

Under a Fairy Moon is one of those books that I likely would have enjoyed quite a lot when I was in grade school. I admittedly never really got too into the fairy craze as I found I enjoyed dystopian novels a lot more early on. Despite the fact that I was not immediately enamored with Under a Fairy Moon, this book was well written and interesting enough to keep my attention.

IMG_0611Addyson has recently moved into the house next door to a strange woman called Mrs. Tavish and fallen in love with the beautiful garden in the woman’s yard. Naturally, due to her own curiosity and adoration for the place, young Addy sneaks over to experience the garden for herself. Following the unfortunate experience of getting trapped in Mrs. Tavish’s magical garden, ultimately transported to a world separate from the one she knew, Addy soon meets a young boy who has been trapped there for years.

The two are quickly tricked into playing a game of fairy chess in order to return to their world, setting forth a catastrophic chain of events all centered around the war between the fairy Queen and the elfan King. Suddenly much more is at stake than simply whether or not Addy and Connor will be able to return home.

Under a Fairy Moon was not my favorite book in the whole world, but it was a good book nonetheless. The characters were interesting, for the most part, and the story followed a plot that kept me engaged the entire time I was reading it. Perhaps my only major gripe with this book was the fact that Addyson seemed far younger than the age she is given. At fourteen years old, I would have thought she would be a little more mature. I genuinely felt that her personality was more befitting of an eleven or twelve-year-old character.

All in all, I had a good experience reading this book. I don’t regret reading it, though I probably won’t read it again.



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