Monday’s book tag is a little bit late cause I’m just busy and distracted, but here’s a fun one to get things going! How much do you fit the bookworm stereotype? Well, I’m gonna find out mine and you should totally find out yours, but don’t forget to tag me and the creator Lily @ for the awesome list that I’ve been saving for ages but haven’t had the time to do.

There’s something truly wonderful about being a bookworm because it basically just means that you read a lot, but here are ten stereotypes that we’re typically given.

1. Bookworms are super intelligent.

I mean, define super intelligent? I personally think I’m more intelligent than most, which is what I would consider moderate. I’m quite aware of the fact that there are a lot of people who are way smarter than I am. This distinction is a hard one just because anyone would have a hard time objectively determining their own intelligence level. I’ve basically gotten straight A’s my entire life and I do quite well in terms of book smarts. I’m not great with street smarts and I’ll admit that ability to be world wise is fairly low, despite my attempts to circumvent that. I’m still learning, every day, and that’s the important thing.


2. We all wear glasses.

I could sob right now for this one. Yes, I wear glasses, though contacts more often. Frankly, I wish I didn’t. I hate them so much. But it begs the question of whether our dedication to reading as much as we can at all hours–so, late at night when our parents expected us to be sleeping or in the car during a dark drive home–had some sort of adverse affect on our eyes. I think this theory has been debunked, but i have to admit that it seemed fairly plausible at the end of the day. Eye strain is no joking matter.


3. We’re all shy/antisocial/introverted.

Well, I am, at least. I don’t think this is really an attribute of readers, though. I’ve known plenty of outgoing readers. I am massively shy, though. I’m definitely introverted as I get easily overwhelmed by large groups of people. This is the main reason why I don’t use the pool at my apartment complex, despite how hot it has been lately. I feel massively uncomfortable at large parties or bars and frankly need a fair amount of alcohol to feel okay. So, that’s a thing. Guess I’ll mark this one as true.


4. We hoard books and have an ever-growing TBR.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. My boyfriend regularly complains about the number of books I have to cart from place to place when we move. It’s literally his biggest irritation with the vast amount of books that I have and I’m frankly unwilling to give up 99.9% of them, so he’s kind of stuck with it. Hey, at least we get a pretty good workout whenever we have to move somewhere else for whatever reason.


5. We all dream of having home libraries with ladders.

Well, not with ladders, perse. I don’t need ladders. I’m more interested in a giant library with lots of stairs that is found behind a secret door in my house. Of course, that requires getting a house first…


6. The book is always better.

I’m gonna say no on this one. There are a few books that have had movies made where the film iteration is just way better. Mind, these are very far and few between and therefore I’m not sure how significant it is. I mean, there are countless books out there and an enormously small number of movies that surpassed their source material. So, I don’t think this particular phrase is really all that false in the long run.


7. Loves the smell of new books.

I’m genuinely unsure how this could ever be anything but true? New books smell amazing. It’s part of the reason why walking into a Barnes and Noble is so appealing. Now, old books smell really good too (even if sometimes you might find that rare one that smells really weird), but new books always smell wonderful and honestly if someone bottled it and sold it as perfume, I would be all over that.


8. Never leaves home without a book.

More or less. This was exceedingly true when I was a kid and teen, somewhat less true now if only because the books I often take with me everywhere I go are on my phone. But it still counts. And really, I was the dumbass who went hiking with a group of friends and brought a bag with two books in it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Don’t ever do that. You will regret!


9. Has a love for classics.

It really depends on the classic for me. Don’t get me wrong, I really love some of them. Others…not so much. Romeo and Juliet, for example. Don’t like it. Pride and Prejudice? Loveeeeee. I personally think classics are kind of overrated.


10. Has a vendetta against eBooks.

This is fairly true. I try not to buy ebooks unless I’m desperate. I don’t like that they’re hard to share with friends, I don’t like that I can’t hold or smell them. Some are nearly the same price as the physical book which makes it thoroughly pointless in my book to buy them. I refuse to buy an e-reader, my iPad is good enough for that. And the fact that they exist makes me cry a little.


So, I got 8/10 which I guess qualifies me as a stereotype? Can’t really say I’m all that surprised.

And now it’s your turn! Copy and paste and then tag me with this post cause I’d love to read your answers!

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5 thoughts on “How Much Do You Fit the Bookworm Stereotype?

    1. Yeah. I mean, I totally get why most people liked them back then and all that. But I think there’s something to be said for changes in society and also just the fact that not every book is for everyone. And that applies to classics, too.


  1. Hahaha, most of them applies to me as well, i think… i should wear glasses, i just don’t. Hm.
    I often read on my phone too, cuz it’s always with me and it doesn’t take up extra space anyway 🙂

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