the elephant whispererA blogger with much more in his writing than books, Chris @ Parkslife spends his time sharing his thoughts on subjects from the novels we all know and love to movies to travel. While he works as a freelance writer, there’s still time spent providing original and unique content for readers of all sorts to find on the blog. So, drop on by and check out some of his other posts because you’re sure to find some interesting reads.

I chose today to feature Chris’ review for The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony, a book detailing a memoir-like account of a man’s experience with adopting a herd of elephants. The premise of the story follows a process of the elephants and the man who adopted him learning about each other and building a relationship together. Chris, having found this book during his travels, writes a wonderful review for the book that captures the intricacies of life with elephants.

“…asked to adopt a herd of rogue elephants facing extermination. What unfolds is honestly one of the most jaw dropping reads I’ve had as Anthony is accepted as part of this emotionally raw herd and how they learn to co-exist…”

Please take a bit of time out of your day to drop by Chris’ blog and check out his review! If you think you’d be interested in the other posts, definitely check those out as well!

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