So, last Monday I gave you all a list of two truths and one lie regarding some of my bookish experiences and, since I’m absolutely terrible at responding to comments 90% of the time, I thought I’d write a quick update post to let you all in on which ones are actually truths and which one I was fibbing about. Ironically enough, the actual lie was the one that most people thought couldn’t possibly be a lie.

If you’ve not read the post yet and you want to give yourself a shot at guessing which of the three facts I gave is the lie, the link is there above and you can click on over quickly (maybe leave a comment) before coming back over here to check out what the lie actually was.

Are you ready to find out the lie?

Think you managed to catch it?

Alright, well…

Really, here’s the key phrase: at all times.

I don’t typically carry a purse around all the time, to start with, so I couldn’t possibly have a book in it at all times. And then the fact of the matter is that I don’t always put a book in it. Sometimes the book is too big to fit, sometimes it’s a book I care about too much to risk damage by keeping it in my purse, and sometimes I just don’t want my purse to be too heavy. I could theoretically claim that having my phone–which has my Nook, Kindle, and iBooks apps–in my purse constitutes as carrying a book around but I don’t really follow that thought process and my phone is usually in my pocket rather than my purse anyway.

As for the fact that my mother once grounded me by taking away my favorite book, that’s true. She’d never really been able to effectively ground me before because taking away the television or telling me to go to my room never phased me as I was always able to turn to a book. My boyfriend does want me to switch entirely to e-books, but only because we’ve moved about nine times in the past four years and he hates having to carry the ridiculously heavy boxes from place to place.

Were you able to spot the lie before? Let me know in the comments!

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