the clock keeperIt’s that time to take a moment out of our days to support another amazing book blogger, this time Iain @ A Listener’s Slant. Get this, this blog is devoted to audiobooks and, in fact, largely began out of a love for them! I’m always excited when I see this since I have a very large appreciation for audiobooks even if they’re not my primary source of reading. But they’re so amazing and useful in a great many ways. How else am I supposed to keep reading when I’m cleaning? Anyway, Iain’s got an amazing blog that everyone should really check out.

I decided to feature Iain’s review for The Clock Keeper by Melissa Delport, a book that looks exceptional simply from the brilliance of its cover–my skies, isn’t it just absolutely gorgeous? And it seems this story was one that our reviewer greatly enjoyed, which is always a wonderful plus. I really enjoyed reading this take on the book and hope to pick it up at some time in the future, especially now that I know there’s a “maybe” villain. Just something about that kind of commentary makes me incredibly intrigued about the whole story.

“…a wonderful wibbly wobbly, timey wimey story. It was so well written and fast paced. Without losing any of it’s written beauty…enter the maybe villain…”

So, please take a little bit of time out of your day to drop by Iain’s blog and offer some much deserved support!

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