maliceTo tell you the truth, I can’t quite recall where I first found this book. The important thing, however, is the fact that my first impression of this book was an intense feeling that I just needed to read it now. The second most important thing is that the website I was looking at had Malice by Pintip Dunn listed as a 2019 release.

By the time I read the synopsis, I was in love. The question of morality that this plot centers around and how it ties in so beautifully with the emotion behind such a choice had me reeling. It’s not very often that I find books I nearly immediately think I must buy. And so I went to pre-order it.

Lo and behold, that wasn’t even an option and all of a sudden I was learning that instead of coming out this year as I’d originally believed, Malice was not set to be released until 2020! I don’t think I’ve ever been more upset about a book’s release date than I was at that moment. Perhaps the closest was when I waited three or so years for the final novel in the Inheritance series.

Suffice to say, if you’ve not checked out this book yet, you should. I apologize if the long wait is painful.

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