Is it really any surprise that The Wendy is on this list for me? Probably not. If you’ve been around following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I was raving about this book for ages and still do on occasion, though now it’s somewhat more focused on the companion novel (which was brilliant) and the sequel, which is coming soon! Windrunner’s Daughter was one of my very first NetGalley titles and one that I deeply enjoyed. I recall the first time I ever read Warm Bodies being when I was depressed in college, which is an interesting way to remember a book. But I do know that I loved the take on zombiesn that Isaac Marion had. The last two books were really just meh and dark for me, things I don’t typically look for in a novel. The Well, in particular, was very much a horror novel, so it’s really not surprising that I didn’t enjoy it.

And, as with all the others, remember some of these books I’ve reviewed and you can click on the image to see them!

5 Star W Read:

The Wendy

4 Star W Read:

windrunner's daughter

3 Star W Read:

warm bodies

2 Star W Read:


1 Star W Read:

the well

W TBR Read:

the waning age

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