roomiesAs someone who typically does not enjoy romance novels, I have to be honest here and say that I did not expect to like Roomies by Christina Lauren. I was excited when I won an ARC copy of it and liked the plot well enough–I’d recently watched a movie with something similar–so I started reading it immediately. And while I was cynical about it at first, I rather quickly found myself falling in love. And it was so unexpected that I’ve become rather fond of the author duo, Christina Lauren nowadays.

I, personally, think that’s saying a lot.

And so, ultimately, I do think this is a book worth checking out. Especially if you love romance. Now, fair warning, if the reason that you don’t read romance is based solely on the fact that you hate sex scenes, there are at least two that I can recall in this book. And they’re pretty graphic, though not in the weird uncomfortable and unrealistic way. But that might just be my opinion?

Anyway, if you’re curious about this book and want to know more, you’ve got two options. You can always check out my review for a further in-depth look at what I thought of the book. But you can also drop by the Goodreads page to give that a look over as well. As always, happy reading everyone!

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