the vlogger's handbookThere have been numerous times throughout my years as a bookblogger that I have considered expanding my platform and beginning a Booktube. This book was requested during one of those moments in an attempt to learn helpful tips that might assist me in making that jump. Seeing as I read The Vlogger’s Handbook by Shane Birley and illustrated by Audrey Malo, you can obviously tell that it didn’t quite work for me. That said, this is more due to my camera shyness than anything else. In general, I actually found this book to be quite helpful.

Admittedly, I did know a fair bit of the information provided in this book before reading it. The truth is that The Vlogger’s Handbook is a great read for newcomers, the sort of people who have done cursory research and are looking for just the right amount of information to get started. It’s filled with helpful tips and tricks to make a vlogging channel work well. And it’s all in an easy to understand format, making it so that young adults could navigate this easily on their own.

The colorfully illustrated format is nice, too. Instead of existing as some dull rendition of a textbook to provide the information, this book has some really beautiful artwork to go along with it. I, personally, loved this about The Vlogger’s Handbook. While I won’t go as far as to say it was necessary, I think it was a really nice touch.

All in all, The Vlogger’s Handbook is a great starting place for anyone looking to get involved in visual media online. It’s not just geared toward those interested in being part of the online book community, but can be useful for literally anyone interested in making videos and posting them online. The book offers advice and recommends tools that will help those who are genuinely planning to give this sort of thing a shot.

If you do, good luck!

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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