Happy book birthday to Gimme Everything You Got by Iva-Marie Palmer! This is the second book I’ve seen this year that’s being marketed as sex-positive. It’s an intriguing trend I’ve noticed lately and one that I’m genuinely curious to see expand. It’s fortunate, I think, in the case of this book that I get the sense the coach the main character is initially crushing on isn’t the one she ends up with. Ultimately, I’m very interested in seeing how this one plays out.

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gimme everything you gotA feminist, sex-positive, and hilarious rom-com about a girl in 1970s Chicago trying everything she can to score—on and off the soccer field.

It’s 1979—the age of roller skates and feathered bangs, of Charlie’s Angels and Saturday Night Fever—and Susan Klintock is a junior in high school with a lot of sexual fantasies…but not a lot of sexual experience. No boy, at least none she knows, has ever been worth taking a shot on.

That is, until Bobby McMann arrives.

Bobby is foxy, he’s charming—and he’s also the coach of the brand-new girls’ soccer team at school and totally, 100 percent, completely off limits. But Susan decides she’s going to try out for the team to get close to him anyway. And over the course of an eventful season, she discovers that what she wants might not be what she first expected when Bobby McMann walked in the door—and that figuring out who she is means taking risks, both on and off the pitch.

Author Iva-Marie Palmer returns with a fresh, funny, feminist coming-of-age novel about learning to take a shot at the things that truly matter.

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